ERIE PA-1 #859 - DCS - $199.99

Erie Alco PA-1 #859 - Features Intricately Detailed ABS Bo0dy, Detailed Truck Side Fremes,Pilot, & Fuel Tank, Die-Cast Metal Chassis, 2 Cab Figures, Illuminated Number Boards, Kadee Compatible Couplers, RP-25 Metal Wheels Mounted on Metal Axles,Operating LED Headlight,Powerful 12 Volt Skew Wound 5-Pole Precision Equipped Motor, Onboard DCC Reciever with 28 DCC Functions, Directionally Controlled Rule 17 Headlight, Smooth Slow Speed Operation, Diesel Roar Engines, Prototypical Horn Sound, Ringing Bell Sound, Engineer Cab Chatter Sounds, Passenger Station Proto-Effect Sounds, & Squeaking Brake Sounds. - MTH Item # 80-2086-1l.


Scale: HO Scale

Engine Type: Diesel/Electric

Road Name: Erie

Train Type: Locomotives

Control Type: ProtoSound 3.0

The Train Room