Lake Class Tramp Steamer Resin Model Kit - $279.99

Sylvan Scale Models
36" x 6"
(0.9m x 12.5cm)
Recommended Ages 14 and up
Produced exclusively for Walthers by Sylvan Scale Models
MSRP $310.95

* Based on Lake Class Steamers in Service Worldwide 1917-1970s

* Sized to fit Most Model Waterfronts

* Detailed Resin Parts, plus All Deck Fittings, Wheelhouse Interior & Etched Brass Stanchions

* Kit designed by a Great Lakes Engineer

With the start of WWI, American shipbuilders began turning out small cargo freighters for Britain as fast as they could be built. Most were constructed on the Great Lakes as east coast builders were already swamped with orders and couldn't keep up. While this limited their overall length to just 261' (79.5m) to clear locks along the way, the design was sufficient for ocean-going service. Named for various lakes, some 500 would eventually be built, and came to be known worldwide as the Lakes class, or simply Lakers. After the War, many went into coastal service, serving in the lumber trade between Washington and California, while others were sold at bargain-basement prices to shipping firms all over the globe. Many saw hard service during WWII, gradually falling to old age and retirement in the postwar years. At least one is know to have still been in class as late as 1964 in Japan and may have been the last in service.

Featuring detailed resin parts and complete, illustrated instructions the kit is complete with all deck fittings, wheelhouse interior, and brass handrail stanchions. Like the prototype, its small size makes it a ideal addition to a waterfront layout scene or collection.


Scale: HO Scale

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